Sunday, 20 July 2014

grab a camera moments

I love the quick accessibility that a camera phone offers. In time gone by those fleeting moments that make you laugh or smile would only be captured in your memory. In the modern age I can now grab a quick snap to look back on in years to come (I am so glad of photos, my memory is notoriously bad).

Here are some of those moments ... 

Bennie pooped all over Daddy!! So gross, yet so funny!

Zak's dress up days. Particularly love the one of him and Josh as supermen!

Even if I've had the worst night sleep. Waking up next to these boys never fails to bring a smile...

 The little monkey that is Zak. Never a day goes by that this little lad is not finding some kind of mischief to get into...

Re-visiting all those firsts with Bennie. You'd think having watched two of my previous children do these things already would make it less exciting and special. But it's absolutely just as wonderful (ok, explosive nappy not quite so wonderful). I love seeing Bennie grow and change. It goes by so fast. Can't believe he's 3 months already!

First time in the baby bouncer, first really explosive poop,

Starting to discover his hands and use them to grab stuff (2 1/2 months)

 first time to roll over from back to front (look at his little confused face!)

The kids came into our room one morning adorned in all of Aniah's hair accessories. So sweet.

Aniah comes out with some cracking one liners sometimes. Recently my brother Matt was over visiting from Dubai. He started to lose his hair quite young and as a result has opted to shave it now. Anyway, Aniah has never really seen anyone with a shaved head. When she saw Matt for the first time she asked 'Uncle Mafiew, where your hair gone?' He replied that it had moved to his chin. She replied 'I like it' as she placed her hand on his head.
Later that week, he was over again and she came down the stairs holding Mrs potato head. "Uncle Matt, you like Mr Potato head... you want his hair?". Poor Matt, he took it all in good humor.

The kids do have many not so gentle moments with Bennie, but on the whole they are pretty good with him and love him to bits...

Sometimes I try and entice our kids to eat their healthy lunch by arranging it in an amusing way.

After a few minutes of eating, Aniah came through and showed me her plate, "Look Mummy, an angry face".

Aniah fell asleep looking like this the other day. She looked like a sleeping princess.

My kind father sometimes comes over to our house to help out in the garden. This day the kids took delight in watching him from their Wendy house.

Then they decided to join in with cutting the grass using paint rollers.

Before leaving, Grandpa kindly read some bedtime stories to the kids.

Saturday, 19 July 2014

The secret garden

A few weeks ago on a very hot Saturday, me, my mother and sister (+kids) headed down the road from our house to a local church fun day. It was the first time I had done any exploring of the local area and I was excited to see what we would find.

When I arrived, a lady told me about a bug hunt and story telling that were happening down in the orchard. I headed down a long hill , through a gate and finally found myself in the most beautiful orchard and garden. It is place open to the public and is maintained by volunteers. I was thrilled to find such a beautiful place right on our doorstep. 

The children really enjoyed looking for bugs despite not finding many due to the scorching heat.

There was a lovely lady leading the bug hunt who gave the children a safety brief and provided nets and magnifying glasses for them to explore with.

After the bug hunt they went to another area to listen to some stories.

We headed back up to the church where they had begun lobbing teddies off the top of the church tower.

The kids watched this with great fascination while munching on a burger.

We were so hot by this point we decided it was best for all if we headed back to our house for some refreshing play in the garden. They made good use of the water sprinkler and paddling pool.I was half tempted to jump in with them!

Inside the house the two cousins were kicking away under the play mat...


I was so taken with what I now call the secret garden, I couldn't wait to go back again. We told the rest of the family about it and it was decided we'd head over to it again for my sister Esther's birthday.

We had some snacks and the kids played quite happily for a few hours.

I now try and make a regular visit to our secret garden as it provides the children with a large countryside area to play and explore in.

Both children (particularly Aniah) enjoy climbing the apple trees.

While the children explored, Bennie and I chilled in the shade of a tree and had a little chat.

After a while I decided to channel their attention with a task.

"C'mon kiddies, lets go make a fairy house" I yelled excitedly.

 I love this kind of play. It brings back a heap of memories from my own childhood. Hunting for fairies, building them houses and climbing the trees barefoot. When I think about it, I really did have an idyllic childhood.

Towards the end, they began flagging a bit. Zak even said he was tired (which he never usually admits to). So we headed home hoping that the fairies would enjoy the new house we had built for them.