Thursday, 14 July 2011

Independence begins...

Up unitil today I have loved 'food time' with Aniah. The way in which she openes her mouth wide like an expectant chick is just so endearing. But today was different. She didn't want to play that game, as I went to put the spoon to her mouth, she just grabbed the spoon from me and then reached out with it trying to place it into the yoghurt pot. At that moment I wanted to hold onto that little baby Aniah that needed me to feed her for a bit longer... but then I realised I also needed to embrace her desire to become a little bit more independent.

So, a little reluctantly I handed over the yoghut pot...

'How am I supposed to get this stuff out?'

'Ah Haaaa' .... She finaly figured it out after much trial and error!


 She's just the sweetest thing... and check out those gappy teeth!


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