Sunday, 31 July 2011

The rainbow party!

I decided a few weeks before Aniah turned 1 that I wanted to do a bit of a party... mostly because it's an excuse for kiddy games and a bit of fun. The only problem was that we are on a really tight budget at the moment, so I knew I had to do things as cheaply as possible!

I had seen a rainbow cake a while ago and thought it looked AMAZING ! As a result, I became obsessed with the rainbow theme for her party. I knew I wouldn't be able to do the standard party games i.e. pass the parcel ad pin the tail on the donkey for a baby party, so I figured I would create a sensory play afternoon with all the colours of the rainbow....

 After several hours preparing that morning... everything looked just about ready ...

Party bags were all in place ...

The activities included a paddling pool (which Aniah had got from us for her birthday)... Alex (the boy in the pool) was so excited by this part that about 5 minutes after he arrived he'd jumped right in with all his clothes on! He was so cute splashing around without a care in the world! As you can see from this pic, we tried to get Aniah in, but she did not like it much at all... oh well!

 There was painting - using some edible paint I'd made myself (same stuff we used for the father's day painting) . I knew it had to be edible as Aniah will eat anything and everything.

As shown in the following activity, the spaghetti dip. Which was baisically a load of cooked spaghetti, then coloured with food dye. Then I put a load of Aniah's magnetic letters mixed into it which the kiddies had to try and find. Very messy indeed! Aniah didn't quite understand the concept and spent the majority of the party eating the stuff in handfuls!

I just loved the juxtaposition between Aniah taking the spaghetti out in handfuls, then Freya who was so careful about taking one piece out at a time ...

... I wasn't kidding! I'm intrigued to see the after effects of Aniah's spaghetti consumption... more rainbows to be seen methinks?

Aniah took a bit of a liking to Alex... he was very patient with her constantly trying to wrestle him...

Cousin Celeste enjoying some fanta

I was so excited about this part!! The rainbow cake was ready to shine ...

 oooooooh.... pretty colours

When the party was over ... I looked at the garden to see spaghetti, paint and crisps strewn all over the garden and smiled - loads of mess, but loads of fun :)


  1. Hello! I am SO sure I came here and left a comment already, and am now wondering if my mental state is ok, lol! Your party is just GORGEOUS!! So much more beautiful than ours. We did rainbow spaghetti play too but that was more a couple of months ago. I love the cake- had seen ideas for it online but was too much of a chicken to give it a go! And yes, we did indeed have a most wonderful and beautiful Mamgu, my dear mum, who sadly passed away last summer. Lots of coincidences! Thanks for commenting on my post :-)

  2. You are such an inspiration with all your wonderful activities. I am on your bog ALL the time getting ideas for my kids! Thanks for taking the time to look at my blog xxx