Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Remember remember...

...th 5th of November...

... and to stand well back when 8 of your nephews and nieces are frantically spinning sparklers all over the place!

This year our family got to celebrate Guy Fawkes night 3 times!! On the 4th, we were invited by our lovely friends to join them for a professional display put on by work colleagues. We got the kiddies all wrapped up warm and prayed the relentless rain that had been pouring all day would ease - and it did!!

Aniah had seen fireworks when she was 3 months old, but had been completely indifferent to them. This time she clung to me for dear life and occasionally clapped with a little whimper! Zak slept soundly in his Daddy's arms the entire time!

November the 5th we bought some fireworks and headed down to the local park with Martha, Adam and their little Joshy for our own private display. This was not quite the polished event we'd seen the night before, but the men-folk were in their element 'lighting fire' and making 'big-ah-booms' (said in a cave-man voice)!

After the mini fireworks display we headed back home to dazzle ourselves with some sparklers!
Here are our rather bad attempts at writing the first letters of our baby's names Jo + AZ - silly me forgot to write it backwards and we only got half an A!

We then enjoyed yet another sparkle filled evening on the 7th of November at Esther and Matt's house. The kiddies watched the fireworks from the decking at the top of the garden, while again the men 'light fire'!!


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