Thursday, 10 November 2011

We will remember them

I've been awake since about 4.15am this morning. First I was cradling Zak as he was snuffly and then was sick. He then fell asleep at 5.15, shortly before Aniah woke. So here I am typing away with one hand with my daughter cradled in the other arm.

Being awake has given me a moment to pause and think about things, in particular the date. At 11am 93 years ago, the first world war formally ended. For once I'm quite grateful to be awake so early before the mad hustle and bustle of the day begins, as it has given me a moment to really stop and remember.

So many heroes have lost their lives. Wives have lost husbands, husbands have lost wives, children have lost parents. It seems such a tiny token of gratitude to stop for two minutes to remember them.

Never did the sacrifices of war come closer to home than back in May 2007 when Gareth was sent on tour to Iraq.

 This photo was taken the day he left. We had been married for just 8 months. This was an incredibly hard time for both of us. I hated being so far apart and knowing that he was so close to danger every day. There were many occasions where he was just a few feet from serious injury or death. I feel truly blessed to have had him return home safe, I know there are many who do not see their loved ones again.

Today I am grateful for my freedom, and especially grateful for all those who have fought and who continue fight to preserve it.

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