Monday, 23 January 2012

Blue Play Dough

'B' for Blue play dough!! I have been wanting to make my own play dough for ages and now Aniah is old enough to play with it properly without wanting to just eat it. Having said that she did give this lot a few licks, but promptly stopped after she tasted the salt!

Making it was so easy, it's a non cook recipe :

 1 cup of salt
 2 cups of plain flour
 2 tbsp oil
 2 tbsp cream of tartar
 1.5 cups boiling water

 Mix all of the ingredients together in a bowl then knead it until it becomes smooth.
A dash of food colouring
You can also add glycerine to add smoothness and extra stretchiness... but I didn't have it in the cupboard for this batch. 

Here is how ours turned out...

I decided to add some beads to the mix. This went down well as she kept discovering them as she played with the dough.

Then we did some imaginary cooking with the dough by cutting shapes and putting them in cake cases ...

She enjoyed playing with the dough for several days after. The great thing about play dough is that if you keep it in an air tight container then it lasts for ages! I'll definitely be making some more of this for her :)

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