Sunday, 11 March 2012

Fun day out

We decided it would be fun to visit somewhere close by after attending the temple. So we ended up going to trentham gardens a really lovely estate full of beautiful walks and park land. Sadly because of the time of year most of the flowers hadn't emerged yet, but it was still a really lovely day out where the children were able to run around and the adults could pretend they were in Pride and Predudice (ok.. just me and Elisabet did this). We were happy to see the weather held up nicely for us the whole time, and we were able to get a good fill at the Harvester afterwards...

Aniah loved the sand pit...

My very handsome boys...

Zak certainly has a fun loving Daddy ( or totally irresponsible depending on what way you look at it) !

Jason helping the kiddies onto the zip line...

Driving at break neck speeds!

Can you tell Eden had fun?

I gave the zipwire a go... it's actually a lot of fun!

Elisabet and I attempt to climb the rope... with very little success :(

My little smiler boy :)

We passed by this incredible building. It was so dilapidated, and yet retained so much majesty and beauty.

...thank you Mr and Mrs B for a lovely weekend!

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