Tuesday, 27 March 2012

I love the sun!

My mood is so much better and my sense of motivation far greater since we've enjoyed the beautiful summer weather the past few days. It's amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for ones soul!

Yesterday I spent almost the entire day outdoors. Gareth was working hard on his assignments for Uni, so I decided to take Aniah and Zak to the town park with my sister Martha and her 6 month old Josh. It seemed that most of the other mothers in Telford had thought of the same idea. It's so lovely watching children playing so happily, without a care in the world. Before we headed home, I grabbed a few gardening supplies so we could start planting some stuff for family home evening.

After we got home, I got out the paddling pool for Aniah (can you believe it - it's only March?!)

Meanwhile I set about clearing out the garden shed. It had become a great place to shove junk I couldn't be bothered to sort out over the winter.

Late afternoon I planted 6 strawberry plants. I've never grown strawberries before, so I hope I don't kill them too quickly, I quite fancy a few fresh strawberries this summer. Then before dinner I got Aniah to help me plant tomatoes seeds. She loves filling pots up with this and that, so this was real treat for her...

I can't wait to show Aniah the seedlings when they start coming through. Here's hoping I can keep her away from the pots long enough to even get to that stage!!


  1. Good luck with the strawberries and tomatoes...I think it's quite hard to kill strawberries, so look forward to those! My tomatoes always depended on the weather and whether I over or under watered them (depending on the weather, lol). And I must get my shed sorted...could take a few weeks!

  2. I do hope so... my mum tells me you have to put straw under the leaves (hence the name). I need to do a but of research just to make sure I have no excuses. Good luck with the shed.. Mine took me an entire afternoon!