Friday, 16 March 2012

Investigating textures and sounds

Zak is now getting to that everything-must-go-into-my-mouth-stage. New sounds, textures and sights are a great way to help aid his development as he becomes more inquisitive and interactive. I decided to  give him an array of various objects to grab at and subsequently shove in his mouth while Aniah did a colour matching activity. After a while, Aniah decided that Zak's tray of objects were far more interesting than her's and made it her mission to take his items one by one.

This was a papermache cat she made a little while ago. I had a jar of old fruit nets which were the same colour scheme as the cat ... it was interesting watching her trying to balance the netting on the cat.

Something I'd like to try with Zak is a light show. I think he'd really love watching all the colours and lights. I need to go and buy some of those fluorescent bracelets, get out the fairy lights and possibly a torch.

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