Saturday, 24 March 2012

one fine day

Today I met up with some good friends due to us all being widows for the day (our men were off playing rugby or airsoft). I'm so glad we did, as it turned out to be an absolutely glorious day. The sun was truly beaming down on us the whole afternoon. Elisabet kindly came to pick me and the children up and we headed off to Ironbridge park where we met up with Rebekah and her children. The kiddies had a wonderful time running wild! We then headed off to a nearby picnic area to enjoy food in the shade. I am truly blessed to have such amazing friends who I admire and learn so much from. I feel sad that Aniah and Zak may not be able to enjoying the friendship of their children as they grow up as we will inevitable move away from the area with Gareth's new job. But we would love to come back to the area to settle in about 10 years time (hopefully)

Poor Elisabet was so patient with a very upset Eden. I watched in awe as she calmly dealt with his tantrum for a good 45 minutes.

What a perfect way to spend an afternoon in the sun... thank you ladies!

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