Saturday, 31 March 2012

Recent shenanigans

Nothing hugely eventful has happened of late, but a few minor moments where I thought to myself ... yes better get me camera out and take a photo (a great irritation to Gareth - who feels that taking photo's of almost everything detracts from the 'moment').

So the first one of those 'moments' was when we were at Blists hill (a victorian style town) having a family day out, and we popped into the Apothecary. As we slowly browsed the shelves of interesting bottles and historic replicas, my eyes rested on a jar of what looked like twigs labeled 'licorice root'. Then I twigged (yes,pun intended)... this was a treat me and my siblings used to get as children. But I hadn't had it for yonks! It literally is just the root of the plant which you chew on to get the flavour of aniseed. They were for sale at 2 shillings (10p). I HAD to get one to re-live that old memory of chewing away at these old roots. Gareth was quite bemused at my excitement and commented how different our upbringings were... his idea of a tasty snack as a child was a packet of bacon crisps (I would have enjoyed them too had my parents ever bought flavoured crisps).

As soon as I bit into that little aniseed twig I couldn't help but feel like I was about 8 again. Gareth soon wanted to see what all the fuss was about and bit a chunk off (you're supposed to suck on it until the wood is soft enough to chew). Very quickly he regretted his decision and spat it out muttering that he definitely hadn't missed out on anything! As soon as Aniah saw me chewing away on it she started doing the 'please' sign indicating she wanted a go sucking on the twig too. She enjoyed it much more than Daddy, but got bored of it within about 10 minutes. I fondly put it in the picnic bag to enjoy later :)

The second camera moment was when the two kiddies were side by side in the double buggy for the first time. The other day we managed to pick up two second hand pushchairs for a decent price. It has started to get a little tiring getting Zak into the Wilkinet then Aniah into the pushchair. So this will be a HUGE help to me...

As you can see from the pained expression, Gareth LOVES taking pictures (not)!

Well, at least the kids were happy :)

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