Thursday, 19 April 2012

a bit of escapism

Today I had a couple of seriously good treats that I feel I should make a habit of repeating. Just a few short years ago, my idea of a treat differed somewhat to what today's treat entailed.

I love being a mother, but sometimes you do forget what it's like to have meditation and reflection time. I don't mean sit cross legged and hum or anything, I mean time where there is no sound, you can close your eyes and just think about nothing, then let thoughts slowly drift in and out of your consciousness... thoughts of the past, present and future.

Perhaps this kind of 'quiet time' wasn't really very high on my appreciation list before I had children. But now, it is a rare occasion that I get to be on my own, without needing to console an upset child or worry about the mounting laundry pile etc. I don't think it's something I need every day or anything, or something that I couldn't live without... but it seriously helps with renewing your energy and reviving sanity levels.

So the other week I decided to join the gym. I figured it was a good way to motivate me to get toned up for the family holiday (sooo excited about this!!). So far I've just been doing a few early morning sessions before the kids wake in the morning or taking the family for a swim.

The other day my (oh so kind and lovely) mother offered to watch the children so I could nip off and do a fitness class. It was called a balance class and I had no idea what to expect, other than perhaps having to stand in some twisted pose for 10 minutes trying to keep from toppling over. The class was filled with a range of people (mainly 40+ and a token overweight man), but I didn't care if I looked out of place, I was having a little 'me time'.

The class was really amazing. It combined yoga and pilates to form a very pleasant relaxation/muscle toning experience. I think the reason I loved it so much was because it made me use my limbs in ways similar to when I did dancing. As a teen, ballet was a huge part of my life. Art and dance were my 'thing'. It really was a form of escapism for me. I loved the way it taught me to control my body and allowed me to express creativity through movement. Anyway, I guess that's why this class was so therapeutic for me. There is something quite rejuvenating about having to be so aware of each part of your body. I know I sound a little bit airy fairy... but I recommend giving it a go!

After I got home I got back into Mummy mode and went about doing the house work, playing, cooking etc etc... then after both babies were asleep I treated myself to a really long bubble bath!!! I allowed myself to lay there for a good half an hour just enjoying the silence in the room. Then I got into my PJ's and painted my toe nails. To make the evening even peachier, Gareth and I ordered a take away, so we got to enjoy eating some yummy food and watching a good movie. Admittedly I did fall asleep for half of it, but that's a regular occurrence regardless of how good the film is!

Yes, I think I have hit something here... a bit of exercise + reflection time = a rejuvenated Hannah.

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