Monday, 30 April 2012

hours of fun with pasta

I recommend the following very simple and easy to set up activity if you have a toddler (so long as they are past that I-want-to-put-everything-in-my-mouth-stage).

All you need is a few dried goods - beans, pasta, rice etc all mixed up in a tray with a few spoons and bowls and voila - an entertained toddler!

I drew some squares on a piece of paper and showed her how to sort the ingredients into categories.

 I found that this was a great way to use lots of different description words - small, round, smooth, twisting, black, yellow (you get the idea).

Most of all she loved doing some imitation play by scooping the stuff into bowls and giving it to me to 'eat'.


I thought it was adorable when she went and got her doll from the toy chest and stuck it in the high chair so she could give her some 'food' too :)

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