Tuesday, 17 April 2012

A walk up the Wrekin

It's crazy to think Gareth and I have been living in Telford for nearly 2 years!! In that whole time we have never walked up 'The Wrekin' (the local hill with lovely views of Shropshire). So yesterday for family home evening we decided it was time we took a little walk up to the top with our little ones, we also invited the other local family we have living in Telford. We had been told it was fairly steep in places, but was possible to take a pushchair up. Luckily we just purchased one of those fab 3 wheelers that cope very well with rough terrain.

We all took it in turns pushing the kiddies up. I take my hat off to Adam who practically carried their push chair up most of the time!)

It was all going well, then we took a wrong turn (after deliberating which track would be the least troublesome with a pushchair). The route we took was really beautiful, I saw some great photography locations. But then the path started getting steeper...

 ... and steeper...

...and steeper, until they were practically clambering up on all fours!

Along the way we decided to take a quick stop to catch a breath and take some photos (Sam is looking into modelling, there are more photos on my photography blog)

This little man just makes me want to squeeze his chubby little cheeks...

 Here's my handsome man...

After a big detour up some very steep slopes we made it!!

The Polland family -

The Forsyth family

The Wilkins duo...

The walk back was much quicker once we were back on the right track!


  1. These are great pics! Looks like hard work, but fun!

  2. Appears as tho the trip was worth it...fun doing it together!!

  3. Thank you ladies... it was definitely hard work ( although to be honest the lads did most of the difficult stuff!) But then as the saying goes ... 'no pain no gain' . Thanks for stopping by my blog x