Wednesday, 23 May 2012

digging for treasure

How I love the sun. It means I get through all my laundry. The jungle of a garden gets some attention. The kids are happy to play outside for hours on end having a great time. Not to mention the much needed vitamin D my skin will have been producing as a result of the beautiful ultraviolet radiation I was getting.

For a while now I have been thinking how fun it would be to make a kind of treasure digging game for Aniah. But the weather and temperature has been so rubbish the past little while I've not had the opportunity. Well, yesterday I finally put my idea into action.

I buried toys, eggs filled with raisins and beads and chocolate coins...

Oh, I should add that I don't dress my child in odd fluorescent clothing ... this is her swimsuit (I decided to put her straight into it before we got into the garden. I've had several incidences in the last two days where she has plunged straight into the paddling pool fully clothed)


I'm commanded to open it after she realised the outside wasn't edible

Martha and Joshy popped round for some time in the sun too.

After getting nice and dirty with the first activity I gave her some water balloons to play with in the paddling pool (red, yellow and blue so I could get her to practice saying each colour... I started teaching her about colours recently). This was a great way to get her clean whilst still getting a little bit of learning through play!

She was quite shocked when one of them went splat!

I have a load of really cute pics of the two boys together which I plan to put up in a separate post soon.

Here is hoping there is lots more sunshine coming our way!

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