Thursday, 28 June 2012

Play time

I realised that I haven't done any posts on creative play recently. This is partly because I haven't been as diligent with it as I should have been. Ah well. I am giving myself a kick up the bum and am going to do much better with it over the rest of the summer.

Here are a few things we have been up to over the past week...

There were a few fun things left over from Gareth's birthday party that I thought might be fun to play with...

You can't really see the effect of the glow stick in the balloon here, but in the dark it's quite effective!

Blowing bubbles... always good fun...

Glow sticks in the bath...

A few months ago I made this alphabet folder for Aniah. For most of the letters I have a picture of her with an object starting with that letter.

What I've started doing with her recently is getting her to match the letters of her book to the alphabet on an old computer keyboard that she plays with. Most of the time she just looks at the letters while I point to them, but I'm sure with a bit of repetition she'll start to get it!

Zak's exploration play. I collected a few different colour and shaped bottle tops into this old gravy pot and he loves playing with them.

It was a really hot day yesterday, so I thought the kids would benefit from some water play in the garden!

This was a great way for Aniah to explore concepts like quantities, emptying, filling, what sinks and floats. Zak loved splashing around and grabbing at anything that Aniah was using (much to her frustration!)

 I really hope I do better at planning activities during July!!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

little cherub

This boy just lights up the room with his happy temperament 

My mum calls him a little Buddha. 

Those big blue eyes just sparkle

He may not sleep much at night, but he certainly makes up for it during the day with his good nature :)

My scrummy scrummy boy...Love him!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Family day out

One of the great blessings that has come out of Gareth becoming a contractor is that we have much more time to spend together doing fun things as a family. Yesterday the weather was nice so we seized the opportunity to go and visit a local attraction (Blists Hill) with some friends. I had seen a few cool ideas on pinterest where they used balloons in photos so I blew up a few with the remaining helium I had from Gareth's party and took them along for the day.

We met up with the lovely Stevens family and went for a nice little walk around the Victorian town...

So the majority of the pictures are of the kids. But who can blame me? They are so darn cute!



I managed to let one of the balloons go during the walk. But thankfully I had a backup... here are a few of my planned balloon pictures...  (more from this sequence on my photography blog - HERE)

Time for some games...

I asked him to pose with his win, this is what he came up with...


My husband is very mature... *eh hem*

And a bit of darts...

I love the old school toys they had for prizes. I had one of these ball catch games when I was a kid. Simple fun :)

Lovely day out!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Gareth turns 30

 Yesterday my lovely man hit 30.  We had our traditional birthday morning - 

Opening cards and prezzies while I do the requested breakfast...

Aniah was very excited about the balloons!

After months of putting it together Gareth finally got to see the book I made him with photos from throughout the last 30 years and messages from friends and family

Much to my delight, he loved it - so thank you to all those who took the time to contribute, it meant the world to Gareth.

 His requested breckie of scottish square sausage, potato scone and bacon

Zak also went crazy for the balloons...

Later in the morning Gareth and some lad friends went out go-karting. As always, Gareth brought home the gold (despite still being very unwell and suffering from a massive headache)

For lunch we went to Frankie and Benny's, one of Gareth's favourite places to eat. 

During the afternoon I dropped Gareth back off at the house so he could try and get some sleep as his headache was starting to really hurt.

I then went to the chapel, where we were holding the evening 80's+90's themed party

 I was really impressed by how many made an effort to dress up for the occasion... even my mum and friend Elaine looked awesome!

My very cool brother Sam looking very 90's , then me just looking a bit crazy and luminous!

Here are some friends of Gareth who came all the way from Scotland to celebrate with us! (Gareth's best friend Peter, his girlfriend Christine and twin Heather) 

The food table consisted of old school food... lemon bonbons, millions, frazzles, curly wurlys, and many others!

During the evening I did a few quizzes - 'how well do you know Gareth' , General knowledge on the 80's and 90's and name that tune. 

Almost everyone that came made an effort to dress up in 80's and 90's stuff ...

Esther came as Anneka Rice 

My sisters and their blokes ...

Gareth and his mum (... and Beth!)

 Time for some cake!

I forgot to take a picture of the photo balloons, but you can kind of see it in the background of this photo... If I had more photos of Gareth I would have done 30 balloons (one with a pic of him during each year of his life) but I had to make do with a small selection instead. 

This was taken just after Joshy managed to get a big fist-full of his mummy's cake and cram it into his mouth. Good on you Josh!

Towards the end of the evening, when we were all hyper on sweeties and J2O we got stuck into some Twister! I laughed so hard during these games. 

The boys game was especially amusing!

Gareth informed me on the way home that he had an amazing day (apart from the painful headache he was attempting to suppress). He was especially grateful for the photobook. Thank you to everyone who helped in any small way by contributing to the book, helping with party preparations or just came to enjoy the day with him. 

I love this guy so much and really hope the next 30 years brings him lots of happy days and that the hopes and dreams we share come to pass.