Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Christmas memory

Memory Monday (except I'm writing it on Tuesday!)

I am currently squatting on an exercise ball bouncing away as I type. Now 5 days over. I walked about 5 miles today in a bid to try and make baby move along quicker. Perhaps by the end of this post I may be able to announce the beginnings of some labour pains. Fat chance. 

As I was raiding my box of old family photos for inspiration on these 'Memory Monday' posts, I came across a few old Christmas pics. I have also dug out an old diary which begins on Christmas day. I was laughing to myself as I read a few pages from it as I remember so clearly writing it now and the atmosphere in the house. I realise a Christmas post is a bit odd seeing as it's April. But hey, who cares... 

I have many many happy memories of Christmas' over the years. As you can imagine, with 8 kids to buy for it must have been a pretty stressful occasion for my parents (mostly my mother as she did the majority of the organizing and prepping as is the case in most house holds). I have one memory of being dropped off for school one morning and my Mum exploding... "Every one thinks it all happens by MAGIC... BUT IT DOESN'T... If I don't do it all... NOTHING WOULD HAPPEN.... I think I might just lock myself in a cupboard when I get home and SCREAM!!". But in her credit, we always had a wonderful day and there was lots of laughter and fun every year.

So, picture a 14 year old teenager curled up in a sitting room armchair writing away in her brand new diary...

22nd December 2002

Thank you Meg and Anna for this journal, I only just finished the last one!! Merry Christmas!!We have just finished opening our stockings here is a list of what I got (this is slightly edited as it goes on for ever) :

Funky Chick Mirror
Writing Set 
Alarm Clock
Tooth brush - red
Stickers and notepad that say my name
Books 'Red sky in the morning' , 'Out of the Ashes', 'The secret of platform 13'
Knickers (funky pink ones)

(Stocking opening was one of the best bits during Christmas... we'd all wait until the alarm went off and trundle over to my parent's room with our tights stockings and pile in. We then found a spot somewhere and the fun began)

People are starting to come downstairs for breakfast now.
I'm lost for words.
It's raining outside which I guess is a blessing because if it had snowed we wouldn't be able to get up to the Slovaks.

Already the bubble of different conversation is breaking out. Gideon gives out lectures about punctuation and apostrophes. 'Fish' somehow comes into the conversation, Bethany announces that the Salmon is only £4 for 6lbs (she was a fish counter lady at Tesco around this time). Martha is patiently putting the blocks of jenga back into its box. 
Us 3 sisters have decided to wear red tops and wear bright red lipsick to get into the festive season.
Mummy announces that she will pull the plug out of the computer if they try and go on "that damned machine again". Gestures are going about of how to turn the table to make the most room. Yeeeek, Bethany has just announced that Lady has pooed under the table and that it's dry and rolling around the floor!! How vulgar as Mummy would say.

The knife has finally stopped on Beth. She gets an Avril Lavigne album and CD holder.
Wehey.. my turn! I got earings, nail varnish, make-up, top and ... CENTRE STAGE! Argh! WOW, I sooo wanted that... LUSH. I want to see it now.. but we are getting the DVD player on Saturday :(
Christmas is such a joyous time. Classic FM is blaring from the kitchen, with the familiar carols singing. "Spin the knife" shouts Martha.. Well I got 'The Very Best Pop Songs of all Time' from Aunty Manda... it's got loads of fantastic songs on it. 

Everyone is making the food for Christmas dinner! I peeled what felt like 20 parsnips!

We are just about to start our home carol service (not sure why that was.. most years we'd all drive to our church and sing carols there)

We have started our Christmas food.. YUM YUM! To think that it took so long and yet got eaten in 20 minutes.

We're all chilling Just like chatting and stuff. We just had a photo shoot with all the coats Mummy made me Martha and Bethany.

(This is a photo from another year where again, my Mum made all of us jumpers/dresses for Christmas... Seriousely do not know how she found the time to do this every year!!)

Gosh time really flew by! Mummy, Gideon, Uncle Peter and Aunty Pam were having a long discussion about religion and President Bush.  Also the Elders came round. (I've edited out the next part as I start wittering on about how good looking one of the Elders is... bit embarrassing). 
Man, I can't believe Christmas is nearly over... in 6 minutes. (more chatter about the other presants I got)
Ok it's now boxing day.  Farewell to Christmas and bring on the New Year! Hannah xxx

Oh.. the simplicity of a 14 year old's mind! I sometimes read a few pages from old diaries then quickly shut them again as I'm too embarrassed to continue. 

On a different note. I'm still bouncing on this blinking ball and NOTHING is happening!! Booooo!! 


  1. I've given that same rant as your Mum!
    My favourite part of Christmas is everyone finding a place on our bed to unwrap pillow case gifts, even know most of my children are adults, they still squeeze on together!
    Lisa x